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InterPro Global, a trusted partner to streamline your back office tasks.

InterPro Global has been supporting and serving PEOs, ASOs, HRO and Staffing companies in the US for over 20 years. Smart Sourcing with InterPro Global, businesses benefit from flexible access to specialized knowledge, technical skills, staffing flexibility, low cost, and best practices while maintaining control over their people and processes. This allows them to function more efficiently without losing focus on their core competencies.

Our goal is to enhance the effectiveness of our clients’ processes, leading to increased value and reduced costs. By streamlining PEO’s back office activities, we provide significant advantages to organizations and ensure a high level of reliability. Our deep understanding of our customers’ businesses provides them with optimal and coordinated solutions.

Located in India, InterPro Global manages businesses’ processes offshore, allowing them to focus on expanding their business and increase market share. We leverage the time difference to your advantage and achieve overnight turnaround of processes; ensuring process excellence at a cost 40%-50% lower than their clients’ current staffing cost. This reduction in cost enables businesses to offer services to their clients at a competitive price, giving them an edge over the competition. Clients still retain control over their processes and have flexible access to optimal expertise while saving more than 60% on their current cost.

Benefits of SmartSourcing with InterPro Global

SmartSourcing allows you to redeploy resources and focus on strategic activities that increase revenue growth and build a competitive advantage.

We manage your process offshore

Offshore process management can offer significant cost savings, convenient access to specialized skills, and a highly efficient use of resources.

Focus on expanding your business

Devote your attention to growing and increasing the scope of your business operations.

Cost saving up to 60%

Outsourcing can provide cost savings of up to 60% due to reduced staffing costs, lower infrastructure expenses and the ability to leverage economies of scale.

Leverage the time difference

Leveraging the time difference through outsourcing allows for 24/7 business operations, faster turnaround times, and improved customer service.

Serve your client at a competitive rate

Outsourcing can help businesses serve their clients at a competitive rate by providing access to specialized skills and resources.

Flexible access to optimal expertise

Outsourcing provides businesses with flexible access to specialized expertise, allowing for faster innovation, improved quality, and reduced time to market.

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